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At David Reynolds Electrical, our clientele varies from individual households, through small to medium businesses, right up to large multinational companies.

Below we mention just a few of our larger clients and some of our business partners.


David Reynolds Electrical completes periodic maintenance to rapid roller doors at the plant at Baranduda near Wodonga.

Also, modifications to existing rapid doors for Safety.

At David Reynolds Electrical we work with Multishifter Australia when required, providing electrical services to a variety of Multishifter Australia clients. Services include:

  • Battery handling solutions
  • Battery racking solutions
  • Single Point Watering solutions

For over three years our business has provided directly to Multishifter Australia the electrical expertise required to complete battery C/O installs on time and in the most cost efficient way.

David Reynolds Electrical provides breakdown maintenance to Nergeco Australia as well as recommending, selling and installing Nergeco Roller Doors to clients. This relationship and experience with High Speed Roller Doors has worked well for over 15 years.

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