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At David Reynolds Electrical we take pride in our business. All repairs are completed quickly and efficiently, provided replacement components are available.

We have a policy – assess the cost of potential repairs and report to the customer before work commences, as the repair may be more than a new item.

The customer must confirm their acceptance of the repair quote in writing, then the parts are ordered, the item repaired, tested and returned to the client.

At David Reynolds Electrical we can provide a parts only service where the customer can then have the items/parts installed by their own service personnel.

  • Stoves
  • Ranges
  • Deep Fryers
  • Bae Maries
  • Motors from 1kw upwards
  • Motor and brake assemblies
  • Heat banks
  • Hot Water Services
  • Gearbox drives - specific to roller doors and roller gates

Our Business can perform a detailed home inspection, before you make the big decision to buy.

Do you actually know if the wiring is OK? Has it been rewired? How old is the wiring - 1940s, 1960s?

We can complete a step by step evaluation of your potential home, provide a report and if required an estimation of necessary repairs.

We at David Reynolds Electrical can also provide this service in your current home.

Does your insurance company need an updated history of the electrical safety of your home? We can evaluate, report and give a cost estimate for necessary repairs.

Do you have a mains pressure hot water service or maybe gravity fed hot water service?

You may think it’s a Plumbers job. You are partly correct - it’s also an electrician's job. We are regularly called out to cold Hot Water Service tanks.

Most likely a thermostat, element or possibly the circuit breaker or the meter has a problem.

We can also complete a general service of the anode through the centre of the tank in a mains pressure unit. This prevents the tank from rusting out.

At David Reynolds Electrical, we can also perform all other residential electrical needs, from home rewires to minor electrical repairs.

  • Alterations, additions
  • Rewires
  • New homes
  • CBUS, Home automation
  • Communications, WIFI
  • Under tile Heating
  • Switchboard modifications

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